P2E Spotlight: Hoppers Game

Hoppers Game Overview

$FLY vs veFLY



What’s to come?

*****Latest Updates from Hopper Dev Chat*****

  • Devs are focused on building a lasting ecosystem via burning more fly than is emitted on a daily basis and giving all Hoppers the ability to earn somewhat equally.
  • The goal of the following seasons will be for your Hopper to progress. Whether this means Evolving, Mutating, or something else.
  • New Adventures will be introduced that are specifically designated for lower-tier Hoppers.
  • City Park and Water Park are evolved adventures. City Park will be a tier 3 and focus on strength, intelligence, and — while Water Park will be a tier 2 for vitality and intelligence. Emissions will be on a sliding scale based on who your Hopper’s companion is. A companion can be a Tadpole of a Hopper (I assume that these will likely be non-genesis Hoppers.)
  • Hopper will be able to Mutuate or Evolve but they will only be able to do this once. The outcome could be positive or negative for your Hopper.
  • Lily Pads will be able to level up to include more slots (ie furniture). Each piece of furniture will have a skill assigned to it that affects veFLY earnings.
  • Ocean and Sewer Adventures will likely be for Mutated of Evolved Hoppers and contain a PVP component.
  • Considering adding hunger stat to Hoppers if the contract allows it.
  • Long-term goals include involving other protocols and having them battle over FLY emissions as well as having a Hopper Army which could potentially mean guilds.

Gaming Strategy

Less Than $1,000

Between $1,000 to $10,000

More than $10,000

Final Thoughts

Community Resources




Sharing early stage projects, tools, and resources for web3 buildoors and investoors.

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Sharing early stage projects, tools, and resources for web3 buildoors and investoors.

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